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The story is about the time when my very old fashioned and conservative grandfather discovered I had a tattoo. I was going to teach him how to use his glucometer because he has diabetes. We are very close and even more since my grandmother passed away. Ever since, we have taken care of each other no matter what. But he is very conservative, he is 76 years old and tattoos were not big in his days. Finding out was an accident, I didn’t want him to know because I was scared of what his reaction might be and I didn’t want to lose him.


The technology I used was VoiceThread with photos of a reenactment of the event that happened that day.

I have a slideshow with pictures. Each picture has a brief audio which I recorded that tells the story.

Kiara Mendez Rosario is a student in University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, (i.e. third year nursing mayor) from San Sebastian/Puerto Rico studying to become an Oncology Nurse.


  1. Wow Kiara this is the first story I read in this section and I chose it because of the title. I felt curiously identified with it, maybe because everyones wings shall be free after all. Also when I start watching the video and saw the tattoo…. I knew I have seen that tattoo before and more than once… I took “Bailes Florkloricos” with you and noticed your wings. Amazing story, I am really close to my grandmothers and grandfathers so I understand that feeling of care and importance of them in your life. On the other hand I can not imagine how hard it had to be, telling your grandfather about it! But that was brave, and sometimes is better to be sorry than ask for permission.

  2. Very good story, should be so different to your grandfather the fact that you have a tattoo because at his time that was not common. Anyway the grandparents’s love will never changes, they always will take care of us. It is so nice that you have that relationship with him.

  3. Tu eres hija de Naldy y Tata? Si eres yo soy una amiga de universidad de Tata. He tratado de encontrarla pero sin éxito.

  4. I agree with Juan that you should have told your grandfather about your tattoo. I know it is hard to tell someone you love something that you think might upset them but it is better that they find out because you told them and not because you let your guard down and that you were not planning to tell them. I like how the wings on your back symbolizes the wings of your grandmother watching you from heaven and just like the tattoo that will never fade away the memory of your grandmother will never fade.

  5. First of all, the title. I loved the title, it made me read and watch the video. I think the plastic n chairs is a “tradition”. That’s not the world I wanted to use but I can’t think of another word. I think all of our grandparents have done that to the chairs. My grandparents have it and everyone else of a similar age. Maybe that’s why your grandfather says that makes them vintage. You have a really nice relationship with your grandfather. I rarely see my grandparents but I have a very nice relationship with my paternal grandmother. Something similar happened to me. My grandmother is very old-fashioned too and I thought that she was going to reject me or something… exactly how you felt. The thing was that I am a transgender woman. I thought she was not going to accept me but I was totally wrong. She didn’t even told me that she knew it but I felt a big change in her behavior towards me. She was paying way more attention to me… giving me more love and wanting to see me more often. Actually, she didn’t want me to come to El Colegio because I would be too far. Something similar happened with my aunts, uncles, cousins and brothers…

    I really liked your story. I understand what you felt and how you felt. Oh, and nice tattoo!

  6. I went through the same experience, when I was a first year student I had a tatto done, without my parents knowing about it. Since I live in San Juan and am studying in Mayaguez, then I had to do it without them knowing about it, though if I studied in Rio Piedras, I would have tried to do it hiding anyway. I stayed in Mayaguez about a month or so but had to go back so that they would not suspect something amiss. But I wore shirts with the neck tight so that they could not see it, my tattoo is in my back where the vertebrae start. One day I made the mistake of wearing a shirt that kept slipping down and they saw it. My mom was really mad but it passed…. I can understand your situation and I get why you were so worried about your grandfather’s reaction, I am kinda reliefed that he reacted the way that he did because it gives me hope for my grandparents as well. Thank you for sharing your experience, I relieves me to find someone else that passed through the same experience 🙂

  7. Interesting story an while i havent have to face a situation like that i do feel like there is some things my grand parents should not know about me. Like you my family is very conservative and if they ever get to know i dont really believe in god or a religion might create some reactions i dont really want them to have.

  8. I should have told your grandfather right from the beginning to avoid all the stress and bad experiences of having to lie to him, but then again any person would have been scared for him and his reactions. The way your grandfather reacted was really surprising it really shows that he loves you no matter what. I specially love that the wings tattoo are the wings of your grandmother watching you from above.

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