Luis R. Reyes Agosto

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When 17,000 were laid off,

I didn’t protest,

because I wasn’t one of them.

When our rights were threatened,

I didn’t protest,

because words were not actions.

When they came for me…

there was no one left to protest.


We see it every day,

year after year,

fewer sections, a longer stay,

no reason to cheer.

As costs ascend,

the rich get richer,

our rights descend,

the poor get poorer.

A cost reduction policy,

Law #7 is tough,

not a trace of democracy,

enough is enough.

The present looks bleak,

the future unknown,

it is now that we must speak,

set forever the tone.


Our voice they’ll try to smother,

our movement to thwart,

choice, we have no other,

for our rights, we fight.

It’s neither about politics,

nor taking sides,

we’re facing an economic crisis,

but our rights, we’ll not sacrifice.

Today, I stand by you,

tomorrow, you by me,

together, more than a few,

the government we’ll bring to its knees.

The masses have gathered,

let the world hear our cry,

today, we stand as brothers,

our rights, you can’t buy.


  1. This is a great way expressing our feelings to the government, and the actions they take to “improve” our society and make a better place to live in. I maybe disagree in the part of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, I actually think that the people that get the most impact are the middle hard working class. The government, with all their bad decisions are make the live of the middle class very hard and dividing our community with only two social classes, poor or rich. There is a lot of ways to improve the economy, instead they choose the worst one and the one that impacts more our community, cutting jobs. Soon people will get mad and stand to the government and defend our rights.

  2. It is a fact that Puerto Rico have economic problems. It is a sad problem that happens to many people and many countries. The law # 7 affected a lot of people. Rich get richer and poor get poorer.

  3. This is actually really recent. Really feel the pain of having to suffer Law #7. Really well done, and I just hope that at some point, things will get better for those who lost their jobs.

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