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I have recently been interested in working for the press—this is why I automatically thought about interviewing my best friend’s father, Pepo García. I have known Pepo since I was in 7th grade when I met his daughter, Casandra. I already knew he worked in El Nuevo Día, but I wanted to know what topics he had worked with and his insight on them. I also wanted to mix in what he thought about today’s technology, and how he feels about it affecting the printed newspaper.

Pepo worked in El Nuevo Día for 27 years. He went from sports, to world news, and to what most intrigued him, which was politics. After 27 promising years, he decided, due to private reasons, to stop working at the press and work in something more intimate, which is as a private comunication assesor. When I asked him about what he thought how recent technology affects the news, he turned his eyes and took a heavy breath. As he explained, I gained the insight of a reporter, which was that it is causing major problems in the printed newspaper: it’s lowering the sellings because today’s generation are more likely to read the news through the internet. Blogs, internet pages, and internet diaries are a problem because everyone can state their opinion. Pepo is has no problems that the newspaper can be read in the internet. People agree that the internet is a good source because it’s really accessable to people. Pepo likes the internet as a source.

Something I learned about him is that he’s a romantic. He enjoys waking early every Sunday, and making fresh coffee while he reads the printed newspaper from page to page.

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