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Asamblea Rum Musicos:6 mayo 2010-FO-Q Press:

Asamblea Rum Musicos:6 mayo 2010-FO-Q Press:


Today I woke up to the sound of “plena”. It was six in the morning when loudspeakers announced the school buses departure to the highly anticipated “Paro Nacional”. There were fourteen buses lined up, all of them full of people. Everyone sang and danced to the rhythm of the “plena” which was just the start of a long day ahead.

I was in my home awake, because I could not sleep. My mind was full of worries about different things that are going on in my life. Nothing is certain. I don’t know if the semester will be lost, and I’m afraid of my family getting hurt by the repercussions of this situation. We have all fought too hard to lose everything that we stand for, everything that has cost us so much.

As the day progressed, all I could do was to watch the news. Every local channel showed different parts of the capital where the manifestations were taking place. It was impossible to watch without feeling emotional.

To see so many people gathered together to defend their rights was very inspiring. There were said to be more than a hundred thousand persons. What most amazed me was that they were not just people together, they were a community, they were a family.

There, political preferences did not count. It did not matter if you were men or women, black or white, tall or short; all that mattered was their purpose. They were fighting for what they believed, they were defending their rights. It was a day where Puerto Rico came together as one.

I am twenty-four years old, and something that I have learned from the experiences of life is that people have to believe in themselves, and that they must never surrender before something that is bigger than them, even less if it is because of fear. This is was Puerto Rico did today. Today, we were one.

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