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Pancartas:25 mayo 2010 -UNK

Pancartas:25 mayo 2010 -UNK


Being in college is a very exciting experience; studying, losing time and studying and, well you know, but the fact is that in these moments in this year of 2009 has been a pretty bad and sad experience. Last year was pretty good, everybody behaved, classes were great, everybody happy. This year is the exception. I began very optimistically. I wanted to take my classes and give the best of me to each of them, but as the semester continued, through the months of September and October, because of the government decisions, people started to panic because the thousands of people lost their jobs. Some of these people decided to prepare a strategy to take action against the government’s behavior – for example UPR students and other organizations.

When the government, or should I say – along with the rest of the country, when the governor decided that he was going to fire more than 16,000 people, I said to myself: “My, my, my let’s see what happens and let God determine this situation”. Then, when UPR students decided to strike against the government’s decisions, I said to myself: “No way José, what in the world are you doing?!” Then I said: “Let’s see what happens. God help us”.

You see, students should go to college to get educated. College – University – is a place where people meet each other, where they reason together, where people of different ideologies and different beliefs sit together at a table and discuss with facts and intelligence the matters and situations that surround them. In these exact moments, I don’t feel that the University of Puerto Rico – specifically UPRM “Colegio” – is a place of such description. Days ago, a bunch – or should I say – a few inconsiderate, emotional, non-reasonable and frustrated by their own ideologies individuals who call themselves “students” were trying to control the university’s system.  These individuals were using the fact that the government fired all those people, to help their cause of creating revolution, nationalism and chaos.

The individuals who organized and decided to strike on our campus and in other ones, were not fighting for their rights or mine, they were not fighting or defending those thousands of persons who lost their jobs. They were absolutely fighting for their own cause of revolution, nationalism and chaos, like I just said. Of course, some of the students who got involved in the strikes were truly fighting for those who lost their jobs, some of the students were just there because they were too lazy to work for their education. All they want to do is   party and hang out. Again, the actions taken by the leaders who organized these multiple strikes, were not based on the actual events – the economic crisis or the government decisions – they were determined to promote certain ideological and political beliefs.

There are some of us who decided not to go in favor with the actions of these individuals. There are some of us who decided to protect and defend our rights to an education. This week – from October 12 to October 16 – all of UPR campuses were closed as a result of a decision made by the Rector. Some say it was a good decision, some say it wasn’t. The University was closed for a whole week, no classes,  just the “big national protest” on October 15 – which by the way didn’t do much.

What did I do? Go on with my life. I have an agenda. I have responsibilities. I have a future, a vision, some goals to achieve. My education is what matters and I don’t want just a few individuals trying to take that away from me.

This situation, this drama, this whole scene happening all at once, has been a great live experience to remember. The year people threw eggs at the governor, the year students went on strike and shut down the University, the year of the national protest, the year that I will never forget.

This country is facing difficult times, and we all know that, but we need to be intelligent, get a hold of ourselves, get control over our emotions, be reasonable and make good decisions. Let’s makes things better…

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  1. I agree with you that going on strike just doesn’t do anything anymore. In this situation couple of years ago was handled in a way that wasn’t that effective. It’s 2013 and things still haven’t been “fixed”. It was a year that people were all over the place, student leaders with agendas, the Government doing whatever they wanted, and the majority of the other students wanting things to get fixed but didn’t gave any solutions or just not caring. It was time to unify and to stop caring from afar. Let’s hope if something happens again, people will be united and solve it with intelligence.

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