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This story is about my summer in 2011 where I decided to work as a volunteer in a Christian summer camp. I had to stay three weeks in Elias Burgos, in Ciales, PR. Something curious about the place is that everyone knows it as Utuado, not Ciales but that’s not the important thing in my story. I decided to write about this story because I want people to see life different through my experience as a volunteer worker. I see how people tend to study and choose certain professions because of the money they gain, but the simple things in life are more satisfying than all the things money can buy. Doing something we love is a good way to spend our life because we will do it with heart.  Despite all the difficult situations I confronted, I learned that in life not everything is easy, but at the end it is worthwhile.

After, deciding the story I wanted to tell, I decided to use a very easy and manageable website, Animoto. The only thing I had to do was put the music and the text and pictures in order and the website produced the video. I had to figure out how to write the narration in a short way because it had a letter limit, so it was something hard to do because I like to write. I had to revise it many times because the story wasn’t always so clear, but it ended perfectly after all the tries.

Melanie Mercado Ortiz is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, 2nd year Psychology major from Mayaguez studying to become a Clinic Psychologist.

Title: The Lost Get Found

Author: Britt Nicole

Album: The Lost Get Found (2009)





  1. I actually noticed your article based on the fact that i also had a summer camp that changed my life. The moments i had there and the people i met in that time was a big impact on me. I never really got to work at the camp but would have enjoyed doing so. Working with kids is a difficult but beautiful experience and having passion for that is something worth mentioning. On many occasions its not about what you earn in money, but what you earn in heart.

  2. I decided to read this story when I read the name “Elias Burgos” because I was baptized in that place this year in an adventist camp of la FADU. I am so glad you had the opportunity to work in those summer camps I have never had the opportunity to do it. I’ve always think that when you are surrounded by so many people that believe and have faith in God the way you see the world just change. Giving without expecting something in exchange seems hard to people these days and you are trying to tell others that awesome feeling you have when you know you are doing something good just to help. Work without a salary is hard because it’ takes time and effort but at the end it is worth the pain.

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