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Of all the people I could have interviewed, I chose my dad because he is truly a person to look up to. Obviously he is my dad and I know him very well but   by making this interview for the English class, I learned so much about his life that makes me feel really proud of him. Since he graduated from high school, he always knew he wanted to be an engineer. And with a 4 point GPA and a high score on the College Board, he got into the RUM  mechanical engineering faculty. During his second year he decided to change to Electrical Engineering.  He said that his only goal was to study and that distractions like partying, alcohol and smoking did not interfere in his studies. His two younger brothers also entered the engineering faculty but they got lost in the partying world and did not graduate from Colegio. My dad was the only one who graduated from Colegio and he is living now the life that he always wanted. But it didn’t come easily. By the time he was in college, his family was living a very difficult economic moments.

He told me that on one occasion he got out from a very difficult test and he only wanted a very cold coca-cola. He had only fifty cents in his pocket and he went straight to buy a coca-cola can. While he was drinking it  he remembered that those fifty cents were for  public transportation because at that moment my dad did not have a car. And since in those times there were no cell phones, he had to go walking to his house (which was near Mayaguez Mall) all alone and in the night.

He said to me that “if you want something in life you have to make an effort and sacrifice everything in order to get it.  If you do not  try hard  enough, you might get something that is not worth it“. Those words let me thinking a lot about my life and what I want to do with it in the future. It sounds like a cliché but if you want to be someone in the future you have to do something with your present.


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