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I interviewed was my brother. I chose him because I wanted to know his experience in 2006 with the “Operation Iraqi Freedom” (the war in Iraq.) I wanted to know the truth of his past; the truth of what he lived in Iraq.

That’s why this interview was very interesting. Since my brother came back to Puerto Rico, he never talked to anyone from our family about what happened in the war. In the interview, he opened himself to me, and he just let the words and the memories out of his mind. Victor started by telling me that he was activated for 1 year and six months and how this moment marked his life forever.

As we continue talking, he felt more comfortable and he shared more of his experiences in the theater of war, a term he used to refer to when soldiers are in the conflict. It was shocking for me to know that, not only did he have negative experiences, like being far away from his family and friends, and living with the fear of dying or losing a buddy, but also the simple fact that he was in a war. My brother admitted that even though there are more negative aspects than positives, there is always something positive from every experience. Some of these positive aspects are gaining knowledge, loyalty, discipline, courage, values and the most important working in groups because sometimes, the life of a human being can be in your hands. This shows us how from negative experiences we always can learn something good. With this interview, I confirmed that my brother is a hero just because he risked his life to serve the country.

During this interview, I felt really connected with my brother, as I had never been before. I think the reason was that I never took time to listen to him until now. I had always talked to him about my problems or sometimes I just played jokes on him. Sitting at a table with my brother and paying close attention to his words and thoughts made me feel understanding.  I actually felt like I was helping him because I did not interrupt him and I let him express his emotions and feelings.

However, I am almost sure that are some emotions or experiences that he kept to himself maybe, because he is not still prepared to share them. Even though the story is not the happiest one in the world, hearing it made me feel happy because now my brother is safe and he is beside me.

After we finished the interview, my brother hugged me real tight and said to me, “Thank you for listening,” while I started crying out of happiness and disappointment because I hadn’t recorded those words. The power of listening is incredible. Now I can affirm that thanks to this interview, the love for my brother is even stronger.


  1. To me your story its a very moving story, since my mom its now coming back from Afganistang to Puerto Rico right in this moment. I believe and know that you past through hard moments because I did, and I had to take care of my sister and myself at the same time. And most of the soldiers when they come back from there missions they don’t wan’t to talk about there experience, because they don’t wan’t to revive there memories over there. And thats totally understandable, especially if it was a horrible moment.

  2. Hay q darle gracias a Dios q tu hermano regreso a contarte sus experiencias militares.

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