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How we found these photos was quite interesting. I called my mom the week before telling her that I needed some family photos so that when I went home I would have an easy time going through them. Well, apparently my mom forgot to do that, and when I got there were no photos, none at all! So we went to a storage facility where my mom has most of the things that are rarely used.

We had to take out almost all of the things in the storage since the photos were in a box at the end of the storage. It looked like a fortress made of cardboard boxes. And we had to move them one by one. Then we reached one of the boxes in the far back. It was conveniently labeled photos. We separate it from the rest and put the rest back in the storage facility.

”You better get a good grade on this project you have and you better take me to watch a movie for all this hard work” she said jokingly.

We took the box home and started to look through the immense amount of family albums and pictures. Almost all of the albums were fairly big, their borders filled with dust, pretty well maintained but they smelled really funky like a mixture of cardboard, humidity and old smell, probably from being in storage for so long.

I was bored quickly as most of the pictures where of people I did not recognize. Finally we found a portrait and in the bottom of the box inside another box we found a painting.

“Oh I remember this painting, my ex-boyfriend sent it to me from Italy.”


I was instantly intrigued and asked her for more details. So my mom decided to order some pizza, and while waiting she said. “This was painted by my boyfriend when I was in high school, a few months after he went to study to Italy.”

I felt really strange having my mom talking about a guy that she loved who was not my dad, but in a way it didn’t surprise me with all of the stories she had told me about when she was in college.

“He was a tall handsome man with jet black hair and the prettiest smile in the world. He was a great artist with an exquisite taste in art.”

While she was telling me all of this all I was thinking about was wow! My dad could have been an Italian artist.

“This was made from a portrait of me when I was like sixteen or seventeen years old,” she said. I asked my mom if I could take the painting and she said it was O.K.. When I later showed it to my brother who is an artist he immediately told me that it was made from a very expensive thin canvas and that it was very well made.

When my mother finished telling me all about her boyfriend the pizza arrived so we started eating. In the meanwhile she kept telling me different stories about her high school days and how she looked and where she lived. We kept on looking for pictures for fun when we stumbled upon a professional photo taken during her early twenties. She didn’t remember much of the photo but she really liked it.

Personally, I really liked the photo. She looks very pretty and I can’t argue with the fact that my mom could have been a professional model. In the end, this experience has been a very rewarding one, I have strengthened my bond with my mom and my admiration doubled just because of the fact that she has always been a wonderful mother and because she was extremely beautiful when she was younger and she still is. My mom overall, is the perfect woman, at least to me.




  1. By reading your story and try to put myself in your place I think that had to be a strange situation that your mother tell you about her high school boyfriend but would be fun at the same time. The painting is a beautiful one was a great history.

  2. Stories are things that can unite more the peoples because if your telling something that makes you to have confidence with that person and also to learn more about that person. I love to watch old pohotos with my familie because they start to remember the old days and that makes my family strengthened their unity. Lovely story about your mom and you.

  3. Great story. What a lovely portrait of your mother. I wonder what would have happened if my mother dated an artist. I also think that my mother is the best, everyone does. Without our mothers we would be nothing. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good relation with your mother. Our mothers are always the best!!

  5. That’s a fascinating story and the painting is lovely! Everyone think their mother is perfect. The truth is they are right. After all, what would it be of us if it wasn’t for them?

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