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Asamblea-Rum-Musicos May--2010- FO-Q-Press

May–2010- FO-Q-Press


I felt it in my pocket,

Vibrating furiously, “ New text message!”


Panic, anxiety, fear, running through my veins…

Desperately running towards the crowded field,

Voices all around, whispers, shouts, talking through megaphones…

Blood pumping vigorously through my veins…

My heart going a thousand miles per hour

What is going on?

This can’t be, this is not possible…

The crowd flares up, screaming in agreement,

Fists pumped up in the air,

What’s happening?

The angry mob disperses,

Everybody walking back to where they came from…

I am left standing alone,

Alone in an open field,

Surrounded with only footprints left by the angsty crowd

Left alone without a clue…

What happened?

What is this?

What is going on?

I don’t understand…

6’oclock news inform me of my destiny,



This can’t be, is this a joke?

How can they do that?


What is going to happen?

Are we getting our semester canceled?

Are we going to be so behind schedule that our semester will be extended?

What will they decide?

It infuriates me, it distracts me,

It makes me feel uneasy…

I don’t want to lose it all,

It’s not fair…

This is NOT my fault!

Why is this affecting me!?

Calm down, relax, breathe…

Everything is going to be alright

They will find a way to fix this,

Trust them; it’s going to be ok…

Or is it?


  1. I remember that feeling of confusion all too well, but you seemed a lot more panicked about it than most judging from your writing. I just packed up and left for home before traffic tightened up. Perhaps that was the feeling you were trying to evoke with this poem, a kind of exasperation and the not knowing whether you would lose your credits for the semester. I bet a lot of people can relate.

  2. Great way to express your feelings, you keep the reader interested until the end even though it is short.

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