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People believe in angels in different ways. For those who are Catholics like me, we know that angels are a very important figure in the Bible because they are the messengers of God. They are mediators between Heaven and Earth. An angel gave Mary the news that she was going to give birth to the one who would save the humanity. For me, every single person has an angel watching his back. Sometimes you might feel like you’re about to give up and then you feel that breath of hope motivating you to not fall, that little voice that reminds you that you are never alone. For me, angels are people whom we really care about, people who have marked our lives in some way, people we love so much that even though they no longer walk the earth, they watch over us from wherever they are.

Who is my angel? My grandfather, Aedo. I was only seven-years-old when he died and I love him so much that I can see his face in my mind right now as if I just saw him yesterday. He and my grandmother waited for me to visit every Sunday. Sometimes, when I sat on his lap on the sofa, I would try to pull out this white chest hair. It was so funny, he screamed in pain but he laughed too. While my grandmother cooked a delicious supper he played with me in the backyard.  When we finally sat down to eat, he warned me, “If you don’t eat all your food I won’t give you any candy.”

I would eat quickly. Then we would both go to his room. He opened the first drawer of the dresser, pretending to look through clothes for the candies but they were always under his socks. Those caramel candies, I loved them. But more, I loved the fact that he was the one who gave them to me. How sweet was that? Love is sweeter than any fine candy in the whole world.

I remember his smile. It was contagious. He made me smile. There are so many memories in my head that I keep with love, but also hate. Why did he have to die? Why did an amazing man leave so early? He died some day in November fourteen or fifteen years ago. He had eye surgery. The operation was a “success.” But a couple of days later he suffered complications and died.

What an awful felling for a seven year old kid. The pain in my chest was really disturbing. I can also remember going to the funeral and refusing to look at him in the casket. I cried so much. My Dad was destroyed too. My grandfather was our “main man.” He meant so much to us.

Now I look at my father and I can’t help but think about Aedo. They have a great resemblance, both physically and as human beings. But my father also said to me once, “You remind me so much your grandfather. If he was alive right now he would be so proud of you.” Remembering my father’s words as I write makes me cry and smile at the same time.

I often think, “How would my life be if he were here now?” Is he really as proud of me as my dad says? It was God who answered my questions. My little sister, Elizabeth, recently had a dream, a dream about my family. She said that the dream took place in my actual House, which is the house of my grandparents. She said that we were all having a good time on the balcony. My mom and my dad went inside to the kitchen and my sister followed them. Now, here is the important part of the dream. I stayed sitting in one of the chairs of the balcony and my sister looked at me through the kitchen’s window and she said to my parents; “Mom, Dad! Who is the man dressed in white and smiling behind Milton?

My dad answered, “Elizabeth, that man is your grandfather. He is watching and taking care of your brother.” My tears fell and I felt the hairs on my arms rise. I wasn’t crying because I was sad. It because God sent me a message through my sister’s dream, a message that answered all my doubts. My grandfather Aedo is with me. He always has been. Now I ask you? Do you believe in angels? Well, I believe in my angel! I believe in my grandfathers love and that, that is real as my breath!


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  1. Very amazing anecdote it reminds me of my mother because she also belief that her grandparent is her angel. The night that her grandparent died who is name is the same as mine Mario she dream with him that he was saying good bye to her and that he love her a lot she woke up of the dream and the telephone was ringing to tell her that her grandparent Mario had die. It is very awoseme story now like you she beleives that her angel is her grandparent Mario.

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