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Ever since I was a  child, my family has always been small  with barely  few close relatives that lived in Puerto Rico. The exception were my grandparents on my father’s  side of the family they lived close by and they were mainly the ones who raised me during my childhood.

Though as close  a relationship as I had   with both of them, I lacked  knowledge of  their  past and stories of their long life. As a goal for this interview, I wanted to learn more about their life as they grew up, from the 1930’s until the present time. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away six years ago and now only my lovely grandmother is present to elaborate about her past childhood; of growing up with her other two sisters in the agriculture fields of Barrio Cibuco in Corozal, Puerto Rico; of her student career in UPR in Río Piedras and her professional career as teacher back in Corozal.

This project has brought to my attention  how much culture and history one human being can contain. Hearing the stories about my grandmother’s childhood brought a sense of nostalgia about my own childhood. At the same time I felt a bit lost upon hearing how different my grandmother’s lifestyle has been from the past until the present and how drastically   it has  changed throughout  time. I also enjoyed listening to for once  to such family based stories ;including the small scenarios of her meeting my grandfather in the supposedly “all-women” apartment she had to stay in. This project  demonstrates how much history is locked up inside everyone’s  mind and that it deserves a chances to be listened to  and inspire the people that hear it.


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  1. I think that it’s amazing how you say your family is small, but the truth is that they’re big in heart and in status. It must be pretty cool for you to know that one of the museums in Puerto Rico is actually the house your grandmother lived in. I personally think your family are role models for anyone who knew them or have the chance to read this story. By reading the interview I can tell that your family is really close and that is really hard to see these days even your grandmother says it that now they don’t see each other as often as they used to. Your grandmother is someone I can really admire, because not all young women from the 1930’s were able to continue studying and your grandmas was one of those who did. Besides that I can tell that she never gave up no matter the obstacles and she is worthy of admiration.

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