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This story is about something that I went through with my older sister, Eva, when we were little. It narrates how both of us got grounded because of my sister’s inappropriate behavior.

I wanted to share this particular story because I consider it interesting and funny. In addition, “She is a Vegetarian Now” is a story in which Eva – who is more than just a sister to me – is the protagonist. I did not only want to share the event, but also introduce that special person to my classmates.

In order to narrate the story I had to create several drawings. I summarized the event in six parts that I represented in drawings. I used white paper, pencils, and crayons. Then, I scanned them to send them to my computer. Once all the drawings were saved in a file in my computer, I uploaded them to Voice Thread along with several images that I created using Microsoft Word® and Paint®.

As soon as all the drawings and images were uploaded to Voice Thread, I started to comment on them. I recorded my voice narrating the story. I even included a dialogue in one scene, in which I got help from Eva M. Quijano Cardé, Jessie Polanco García and Waila E. Castro Rosado.

I consider that creating such a project was an interesting experience, although a little bit arduous because creating the drawings and the images took me several hours.

I enjoyed sharing the experience of remembering that day in our childhood with my sister a lot. I also found it rewarding to receive feedback from my classmates. Furthermore, I appreciate that I learned that a story can be told in different ways, at the same time. To sum up, the Multi-Modal Memoir was a great experience.

Natalia A. Quijano Cardé is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, second year Industrial Biotechnology major from Camuy studying to become a Pharmacist.

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