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WHY PHOTOGRAPHY ABOUT NATURE???: (Click on first photo to enlarge for a slideshow)

Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR - 2014

I- Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR – 2014

2- Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR - 2014

2- Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR – 2014

As far back into my childhood as I can remember I shared trips to the zoo with my parents. My father tells stories of chasing me around the different exhibits and of me holding his index finger with one tiny hand while pointing excitedly with the other. In my later childhood years I recall beach days with my mother, swimming around fish and following crabs, being taught to love what she grew up admiring as a child. We watched the “normal channels”, such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, but I always watched Animal Planet and Discovery Chanel before school. I would endlessly enjoy documentaries about wildlife and different places in the world where these fascinating creatures lived. I was never told I could never see these far off places so I decided I would see them all.


At the age of fourteen I was given a camera that would forever open a new door for me, more than any story, movie or class had ever done or ever would. I was never meant to sit in a room and read about adventures and live vicariously through these; I was going to live out there, in the world I could reach through the lens of my little battery powered machine. I took photos religiously of everything I could fit into my memory card and then I would release these into a pile in a computer, to relive my journeys at a later date. During this time frame I discovered I could write about the things I photographed, further imprinting the experience into memory. I’ve never stopped trying to merge these two together.


Throughout the years I continued to master the art of photography, through editing programs and substitute cameras. I’ve always been an artist by hand, but photography has always been my subconscious passion. Through drawing I can create, but through my lens I can remember and share my experiences. I could never paint as truly magnificently as nature has; not the highest mountains I have climbed, nor the deepest I have ever dived. I could never replicate with my hand what I can touch in reality, and so I photograph.

3- Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR - 2014

3- Crashboat Beach, Aguadilla, PR – 2014


I am expressed phrases such as: “As an artist”. I think I am rarely seen as anything else. Art is not my passion, it is merely my way of expressing myself in the most subtle way possible. My passion falls under drenching myself in the Earth and seeing all it has to offer, to learn all I can in whatever time I have to my avail. The reason I carry a camera whenever I attempt to see new corners of the world is because I want to share these findings. I want people to become as inspired by their home as I am. As a puertorican currently living in the island, I feel that my passion needs to start here, in the small piece of land I call home; a place where I formed roots and branched out, where my love for photography and nature began.


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