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for mi hermana aida christmas is here again and it is time for mami to get my dress out of the old trunk and with it the itchy beauty of the festivities i really really love my white and even wider angel dress i thought that angels had feathery wigs like the ones i see in church but i suppose that i am another kind of angel a special one i hope that the others angels do not get jealous of me eduardo bugs me all the time he tells me i am not a special angel at all but otherwise why people keep calling me hay pero que angelita mas hermosa so i do not believe him he is just being a boy mami tells me that it will be evas someday and i am really really happy for that i believe that if it was not for me maybe she may never become an angelita too because who would pass to her the angel dress i know that you have not met the new baby neither have i but between us i hope it is another baby girl five boys are just too much for eva and me well excepting for felito and paco of course they are the best brothers in the whole world today felito took me and eduardo to the carrousel even though eduardo has not been behaving well enough to earn the ride and the cotton candy anibal and tony and especially eduardo are nothing like felito or paco they drive me crazy mami says that is the most perfect picture she have ever seen that you will love it and i really really wish you do do not worry if you see me sad it is just that i like it more when you take the photo between laughs and games even though we have to scare the chickens so they do not get in the middle of the picture but i do not mind i did not like camera men they never smiled or even tried the one who took the picture don chucho was the worst of all he was really really rude he had a long gray beard that needed a cepillito and a curled mustache just as a lechoncitos tail and put me inside of a little box that smelled like tobacco and rum well i could not tell if it was him or the box who smelled so bad then suddenly a light blinded my eyes and like magic a perfect image of me it is incredible but really really uncomfortable i miss you a lot and i miss even more you brushing my hair and making me those beautiful braids only you know how to make and telling me those awesome stories that only you can tell you are the best photographer in the whole world even better than don chucho and smell better too the only good part of the photo event was maria la munequita i wish el ninito jesus do not forget me this year and bring me one but i would be happier if he brings you back home so you can play with me and make me those beautiful dresses you make mami said that you are far away making beautiful clothing she showed me the photos of those big made of steel shining buildings and she told me that people live and work in there do you not find it a little bit too close maybe a few flamboyanes between them will make a better view i was wondering where were the piragueros and shoe cleaners and the river and the yagrumo trees and cows and horses but i believe they are scared of the big metal monsters and i do not blame them mami sent us to alfonsinas house last week because she needed to go to a medical appointment because of the baby and i saw for the first time a tele it was unbelievably amazing just as you described it i heard papi say to tio danny that he may buy one for next christmas i was really really happy but sad at the same time sad because i know that i will see him even less he wakes up before the sun covers every leaf and comes back when the sun has already gone i think that is why he always gets home dizzy and angry because the darkness confuses him and makes him sleepy and grumpy he is always carrying his old and rusty machéte every day everywhere with it he makes the roads and senderos of our town his job is the most important of all because thanks to him families can see each other and people can go to work kids to school to learn when are you coming back i know i said it already but i miss you so much i am just sitting beside mami under the light of the quinque thinking of all the things i want you to know i am watching her as she writes you a letter i cannot understand any of her points or signs but i am sure that she is writing you the sweetest words just as when she is singing her favorite old songs from silvia rexach and julio jaramillo christmas is here again it is the time of the year when all your dreams come true siempre y cuando you have behaved i wish from all things that before mami puts away the angel dress i can see you again here in our little humble home on the top of maricaos mountains with no screens but lots of bugs specially cucubanos and grillitos that add music to our nights with no big lights but so much love that illuminates our lives without big dinners but with kisses and hugs and apretones de mas that fill our hearts this is a photo of me and if my wish does not come true this year i will be next to you always no matter what big distance takes us apart hermana con el todo el cariño de su corazon te quiere tu hermanita nydia


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  1. Although I was a bit confused at the beginning, I smiled towards the end. I like the way this was written, I read it with the voice of a 5 year old desperately trying to grasp your attention. This was a very curious post, and I enjoyed reading it.

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