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Retirada:17 mayo 2010 -Sonja Mongar:

Retirada:17 mayo 2010 -Sonja Mongar:


I am one that supports the fight for our rights because I have always believed that no matter who you are you have the same rights as every other human being, and no matter if you are the governor of Puerto Rico you have the same rights we have; not more, not less. The power that a man has in society is given to him by human beings, not by god therefore he has no more rights than we do even though a lot of people believe he does. I sometimes do start to feel that we do nothing by doing strikes because there is a man up on top of the mountain that has more power than we do and I feel like he can just kick us off the mountain with the flick of a switch or something.

But think it like this; are you less than “the man”? No you’re not; is anyone controlling this island more than you? Of course not, this is just a fake statement put upon us by society itself and by those who want to control you they do this so we feel like we can’t do anything against them, they want us to see them as untouchable giants and most people do and that’s why a lot of people don’t feel like supporting the strikes, because the fear of not being able to achieve anything is keeping them from trying.

There have been a lot of bad decisions lately made by the government, Law 7, firing 16,970 workers, and more. This is too much abuse of power, and this really has brought PR down. Associated Press Writer, Laura N. Perez Sanchez, says: “SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico’s government announced Friday that it will lay off more than 16,000 public workers in the U.S. Caribbean territory, adding to an unemployment rate higher than that of any U.S state.”

I found this at Yahoo news; do you believe that it is fair or necessary for an island as small as PR and with the population density as its own, to have an unemployment rate higher than any other U.S. state? I don’t, I find this to be oppressing and an abuse of power to keep us thinking the way they want us to think about the government as a giant who can toy with the people’s lives as he pleases. It’s time to get up and fight for our rights and find a way to stop this oppression, let the people know there are no untouchable giants, only fake giants doing unnecessary things to keep us down. Laura N. Perez Sanchez also tells us this:

“Rey Rosario, a 34-year-old teacher, argued the layoffs will only worsen the economic crisis.” This will have a domino effect on the economy because with less income there is less consumption,” he said. “This is an insensitive act, and layoffs should always be the last alternative.”

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