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I interviewed my grandmother Violeta Fraticelli Almodovar. I interviewed her since I have always found her an interesting woman that hides her past  from the world and gives her best everyday;  living it like a new day. Since I was interested I asked her about how her past was like, how she was raised and what  was her family like. She told me she had two mothers and three sisters. Her first mother lasted  her one year and a half but her second mother lasted for a long time.  I also asked her  about what things she used to do when young. She said she was kind of naughty since she did a lot of stuff ;  for instance, one day her   three year old sister didn’t want to get a bath so she poured some hot water over her back. Another thing she told me was that her sister went to  United States and sent her a bracelet that had fake dimes but which  looked real, so every day  she took one dime and went to a store and bought  a big old colony that cost only 10 cents. When young she liked to help her father  fix the car and also liked spending her time in carnivals.

We talked too about school years and she loved home economics. She graduated from twelfth grade  as a secretary but worked at a factory making petticoats. After some  time she got married and had three kids.  After she got  married she worked with her husband at an auto-car center he had and cooked at a restaurant her mother- in- law had. With the passing of time, her children grew up and gave her 6 wonderful grandchildren.

My experience was magnificent. By doing this, I felt like I didn’t know my grandmother at all. I was asking a person I didn’t know at all. Even so, I was amazed with her story and I kind of envy her because even though she hasn’t gone to the many places I have, she had a wonderful family. The one I wish I had, too. While she told her story I laughed and sometimes felt sad especially when she said the woman that took care of her and her sister mistreated them and gave them a hard time. This proved to me again that she is wonderful person and worthy of admiration.

When she told me her house had 6 rooms, a beautiful big kitchen that could fit like four long huge tables my jaw just dropped, since I really didn’t expect that . Also, I wish to have a house like that. That picture of an old big house could not merge into my mind. However, she has gone through good and rough times but she kept on. Another thing I like about her it’s she’s always been true to herself and is devoted  to helping others. I have always admired my grandmother for the little things I knew about her. Now that I know more about her, I could say she is one of a kind and I absolutely love my grandmother.




  1. Wow, I just happen to be browsing thru and found this website, and believe it or not this is my wonderful Eva Fraticelli. I can believe I just bump into this site
    and realize this is my cousin. Her father Lorenzo was my mother’s brother.
    Wow it’s a small. I was there last year and I visit Eva (Violeta) with Maggie.

  2. The story of your grandma’s life was short but filled with beautiful memories. As she narrated the story I noticed herself transporting to the time and place she told because of the way she smiled and starred at the floor. I loved the fact of how children entertained themselves back then and hearing your grandmother talk about how much fun she had while playing hide and seek made me sad. Sad because those traditional entertainments are almost dead these days. Sad because now days children prefer to lock themselves in a room and play electronic games instead of admiring their surroundings. Children back then were grateful for what they had, I wish those good ol’ days came back. Great job!

  3. It’s until certain point ironic that we have a family and we feel we know them but not quite. Life in Puerto Rico used to be a very simple one. Even the society used to be more productive and less harmful as today. People used to be humble and very hard working. These days things have change and we are living a more accerelated life. I like your interview since is very natural and contain the essence of what life used to be in our Puerto Rico.

  4. It’s always nice to get to know our older relatives. We tend to build this narrative of their lives in our minds, sometimes even deifying them. Reconciling the truth with what we imagined is a difficult task, as we find out the people who took care of us in our infancy were once infants themselves. In this case, a mischievous one!

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