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Cruz Fret, Robert



Inspired by a True Story

David gets home from school and finds out that his room is under repairs. Ruth, his mother explains that she is doing some repairs to it so he won’t be able to sleep in his room that night. Later that night around 4:00 a.m.,  Ruth wakes up and goes to work leaving David alone in the house. A couple of minutes after she left, David wakes up too in order to make himself comfortable in the bed and he sees a dark figure in the room, a shadow. Someone was in the room and was walking towards him. He tries to turn on the light while the shadow gets closer and closer. When the light finally goes on there is no one the room with him, so he freaks out and turns on all the lights in the house.

Technology:  with the help of some friends we recorded the video. When we finished recording I edited it using Windows Movie Maker. In order to add more tension to the movie I downloaded some creepy songs and added it to the video.

This was a good project for me.  I got to spend a little more time with my friend instead of just studying. It was a little challenging for to make the video because we had scheduling problems. It means that I was counting on my friends to record the video so I had to wait until they had some free time to do it. Also, on the first day we were going to start shooting, my camera got magnetized so I had no camera. Now I have a magnet for my paper clips. Finally, around three days before the deadline I found someone who lent me a camera and we could finally start shooting. We had difficulties and surpassed them; we invented new ways of lighting the scenes.  We laughed and learned a lot, so it was really an awesome project. And who knows there may be a second part, a hidden chapter scarier than ever.

Robert L. Cruz Fret is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, and 3rd year biology major from Vega Alta studying to become a Veterinarian.

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  1. Great story men. Liked the way you knew to use the camera in a way to improve your story and even better the effects you used to make everything seem more real.

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