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I got to say that I was really anxious and nervous about the exercise. Even though I was going to interview my own grandmother, Carmen Lydia Rios, I was worried about how would she react, and if she would like the questions at all—I could perceive that she was very nervous too. I assumed the job to make her feel peaceful in order to make a good interview.  In that moment I started to feel relieved and confident about my skills as a listening person. After all, that is going to be my job someday because I study Psychology. The first part of the interview was over, and I started to feel relieved because this was not a simple interview—it as more of a conversation between two people that love each other. With this interview I can now understand more about my own granny, the one that has to support the weight of years day after day with such love and enthusiasm worth to admire.  Our seniors are examples of life and perseverance in the ups and downs of life, combined with family and economic problems. They always have a smile in their faces during both good and difficult times. I was able to hear my granny talk about her childhood hopes and dreams. I was amazed. We talked about friendship, school, college, parents, grandparents, family, and anecdotes worth sharing for generations.



  1. It was a good experience reading and hearing those stories of Stephanie’s grandmother. About I hear in the interview she was a talented reader and writer because she was influenced by her 3rd grade teacher. It is good to talk and share those stories with our grand parents.

    • Also is good to talk with our old ones because they can advice us and lead us to positive things in our life. It is great to share with them.

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