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Bonifacio Ramos & Persiliana Ramirez



This is a story that my grandmother, Hilda Vazquez “Mamita,” told me one sunny, Sunday afternoon. The story is about my great-grandparents from my father’s side, the Ramos’ side. Long before my father was born, a family secret began. My father’s, grandfather Bonifacio Ramos, was married to Persiliana Ramirez. They lived in Cerro Gordo, Moca in a small wooden house with their two children. One day, a neighbor, Logio Cruz asked Bonifacio for a favor. Logio had an elbow injury and had to go to San Juan to receive medical treatment. So, he asked Bonifacio if his wife, Francisca Hernandez, could stay in his home. After a week, Logio returned to pick up his wife, but Francisca refused to leave. She chose to stay with Bonifacio. Apparently, she did not care that Bonifacio already had a wife and children.

Timed passed and they all lived under the same roof. By then, Persiliana had six children of her own including my grandfather, Roman “Papito” Ramos and Francisca had five. All eleven children had the same father, Bonifacio. Bonifacio had a coffee and sugar plantation where all his children and wives worked very hard to bring in the harvest.

But “Mamita”, did the women fight?” I asked.

With a smile in her face Mamita said, “Yes, my dear, but only when Bonifacio wasn’t around. Francisca called  Persiliana, ‘vieja,’ or ‘old one’ and Persiliana called Francisca ‘negra’ or ‘black one’ both of which were insults.

Bonifacio Ramos

Everyone in the neighborhood heard those women fighting. At first the neighbors laughed about it. For them it was an entertainment, a really bad one in my opinion.”

“It must have been horrible for Papito to be raised in a place like that. Seeing his mother Persiliana suffer so much,” I said, upset by such an awful story.

“Yes, it was. He never talked about it. That was a memory he wanted to burn forever. But he will never let anyone know if that dark shadow still disturbs him. Because my parents died when I was little, my brother, Nando, and his wife, Juana, raised me. They did not want me to marry Roman were afraid he he was  going to do same thing his father did, but they were all wrong.” Suddenly her face filled with sadness.  She missed my grandfather, Papito. It had been three years since his death. Her eyes filled with tears as shiny as diamonds.  But the strong woman she is would not allow them to flow.

Papito did not follow in his father’s footsteps. Papito and Mamita were always side by side through the good times and not so good. Their love and devotion was an example to everyone who knew them.  It was a love can still be seen in their twelve offspring.



I love this picture (left), because Persiliana is smiling despite her sorrow life, but the sadness can still be seen in her eyes. When I see this picture (right), I remember how much Papito loved family reunions. This picture was taken in 2006. He became very ill after this. 


This a photo (below) of Mamita’s and Papito’s 5oth Anniversary. I remember this day clearly. I was ten-years-old when we celebrated it. It was so much fun being part of my grandparents’ magical love story. Their marriage is a perfect example to follow and every time I look at this picture I tell myself I want to follow their love path. 





Hilda Vazquez “Mamita” and Roman Ramos “Papito”


  1. Thanks everyone for your comments.

  2. Suheily this is a good lovely story. Today in society the love meaning has change a lot. Most of the people don’t believe in love and said that it only occurs in movies. I think that people have to believe in love because there are many people with good feelings and values looking for it. Also, I like the story because my parents have been married for 21 years and before that they were in a relation 12 years, so basically they are together since middle school. So I wish you the best in love and to make an history like ” Papito”. Good luck!

  3. Aaawww true love will break the patterns. I believe that in all families they are secrets. Is unbelievable how Francisca decided to stay with Bonifacio without an explanation, and the way that Bonifacio didn’t complaint about her decision. The way they raise there childs and there style of living and thinking are so different of what is now. Papito break the chains of patterns of what his father did, and that was shocking for some people and good at the same time. It is pretty to see how people can break the habit, even if it not there directly there habit. But is a very cute story, about Mamita and Papito.

  4. Interesting story. It should have been a problem for those ladies with the same guy and eleven children. It should be very hard to be raised like that.

  5. I know it’s wrong but it was kind of funny. I laughed when you said that Francisca didn’t want to leave the house to go with her husband. I was not entirely sure why until you said that she was now the other wife of Bonifacio. It was probably hard for Persiliana but she was a very strong woman. I wonder what Francisca’s husband did…. and shame on Bonifacio. I loved your story. It was very entertaining.

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