Tamara Rivera López

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Interviewing my grandmother Carmen Delia Quiles González was unforgettable because I could ask some curiosities about her weeding. My grandmother was married with Rafael Rivera for 30 years, until he died. She suffered a lot and so did all my family because he was very special to all of us. After ten years of his death, my grandmother found love again. I asked her about how she met her new love, Rogelio. She told me that she met him in the church thanks to one of her friends. One day, her friend introduced Rogelio to my grandmother, and since that day, they felt a connection. My grandmother was very timid at first because she thought that she was old enough to being in love again. Rogelio didn’t give up and started to send love letters and to show her the love that he was feeling for her. With time, my grandmother decided to give him an opportunity, but what she found complicated was telling the truth to her family, that she was in love again. She reunited the entire family in a party and talked about the idea of a wedding. It was a difficult situation for my family because she had been 10 years alone. At last, they accepted her decision. After the party, the weeding plans started, and six months later they were in the altar waiting to be declared husband and wife. Since that day, a year and a half has passed, and she tells me that she is super happy with Rogelio—he is a respectful person and helps her every day. When I finished this interview, I learned that there is no age for love and there is no obstacle that can’t be defeated if you really love someone.

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