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Emérito Ruperto Torres & Eladia Rodríguez Malavé


Who a person is, is not just inherited.  A person’s character is also shaped by imitation. In my case, I am a mix of entrepreneurs, farmers, fisherman, businessmen, and people who believe in hard work and family. Let me introduce the people who made me who I am.

Emérito Ruperto Torres is my paternal grandfather. In this picture he was fifty-eight-years-old. Since his teens, he demonstrated an ability for business. In sixth grade, he sold candy at school. In the mornings, he bought candy at the local grocery store using his father’s credit and then sold it at school at a mark up. He paid off the bill at the grocery store with his profits.

After he graduated from high school, his first job was cutting sugar cane.  He wagered some of his earnings in the illegal lottery. This game consisted of matching three numbers in the traditional lottery. When the winning numbers of the traditional lottery appeared in the newspaper, if they matched the illegal numbers, the winner received $500 per dollar played. One month, he won three of the four games.

He took the money and immediately bought a small farm. He planted and cultivated coffee and oranges and then sold the farm at a significant profit.  He began buying small farms, cultivating them, selling them and taking the gains to buy bigger farms. At one point, he had become the major crude coffee producer of San Sebastian and owned one of the most important plantations in Puerto Rico’s “coffee zone.”

With his successes, my grandfather created a crude coffee purchase center in order to process and then sell his coffee to

Emérito Ruperto Rodríguez

thecoffee roasters. Eventually, in 1986, he founded with the help of my grandmother, Eladia Rodríguez Malavé, one of the most well known coffee companies on the island,  Torefaccion Café Molido El Coquí, Inc. He always said that a person should retire after fifty, and this he did. Today he is retired and lives from his investments.

At the moment this picture was taken, Eladia Rodríguez Malavé was sixty-years-old. She works mainly as a housewife and grandmother.  She is always a very happy person, interested in dancing, gardening, especially orchids, sharing her time with her family and friends and walking her black Chihuahua, Frida.

Emérito Ruperto Rodríguez, my father and son of Eladia and Emérito, is forty-years-old in this picture. He earned his high school diploma at night school. His knowledge was obtained from the “University of the Street,” he claims. He believes that real knowledge is obtained through experience and practice.

Iris Nereida Bayón Rodríguez

When my grandfather retired, my father took over his  business. Today, he is the president of  Torrefaccion Café El Coquí, Inc. and Ruperto Rodríguez Desarolladores, Inc. One of his main Interests is the sea. Some of his hobbies are offshore fishing and navigating the Caribbean. He loves to participate in Marlin and Mahi Mahi tournaments. Recently he visited the U.S. Virgin Islands and sailed his boats from Fort Lauderdale to Puerto Rico.

Iris Nereida Bayón Rodríguez, my mother, is was forty-four-years-old here. This picture takes place

Tasmanian Devil

during my sister’s fifteenth birthday vacation. My mother studied to be a nurse, but she preferred to be a housewife in order to raise her children. She is a very peaceful person. She likes to read and navigate the ocean with my father and brothers.

Emanuel Ruperto Bayón, my brother, the “Tasmanian Devil” of my family, is nineteen-years-old. He works with my father at Torrefaccion Café El Coquí, Inc. as the supervisor of the production line. Some of his hobbies are running all-terrain vehicles and playing tennis with me. He is a very funny and crazy person, but he is a very good brother. I consider my brother a true friend.

Desíree Ruperto Bayón, my sister, is sixteen-years-old. She is the doll of my house. She studies in Manuel Mendez Liciaga, vocational school. She is a very calm person and enjoys helping my mother with the chores. Some of her hobbies are in-shore fishing and watching funny movies. Equal to my brother, she is an excellent sister.

Desíree Ruperto Bayón

Emérito Ruperto Bayón

I, Emérito Ruperto Bayón, am twenty-two-years-old and study Business Administration at the University Of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez. My favorite hobbies are golf, salt-water in-shore and offshore fishing and tennis. I am member of Punta Borinquen Golf Association, Punta Borinquen Tennis Association, Asociacion de Pesca Deportiva de Puerto Rico. I am delegate of Partido Nuevo Progresita.

I am very proud of who I came from but now I am ready to make my own mark on the world





  1. One of my favorites! Very good the way you described and talk about your family. The life of your grandfather caugth my atention, very similar to my grandfather from my mother’s side. If I can say sao, I’ll say that you’ll have a good future, dont know you but got a good feeling about it. I would like to meet and talk with your grandfather. I know he has some great things (stories) to tell about his good old days

  2. This was a very interesting essay with a lot of facts about your family. I really think that the family is the best thing in the world and you obviously have that. I really like how the essay was developed in generations. Reading the las sentence it seems that you want to do something by yourself. This is great and keep following your dream.

  3. It is very impressive how you know so much about your family, when most people barely know things about their parents. You seem like a very strong and independent young man, and I hope your dreams for something bigger occur. Your mark will come, and when you find it, I am sure your family will be there to support you.

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