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Mom & Paola


All these photographs are of my mom and taken way before I was even in her thoughts; before she met my dad, even before pictures had color. Back then, the photos make it seem like  everything was black and white. One dollar could take you places and having a TV was the best thing that could ever happen.

In the first picture my mom is a baby sitting on her mother’s lap. Like all babies, she was quite a bundle.  She wouldn’t sit still and look at the camera. They had to settle for a picture of her looking sideways.

In the second picture my mother is a little older, no more than five-years-old.

My Mom the Flower Girl

She is participating as a flower girl for a wedding. She is serious, maybe due to the fact that she doesn’t even know the people who are getting married. She told me that she actually walked down the aisle and forgot to throw the petals. She walked to the end of the aisle with a full basket of flowers.  Many years later I would follow in her footsteps and do the exact same thing.

My Mother's First Communion

The third picture was taken the day my mom did her First Holy Communion. I like this picture a lot because even though it was posed, it looks very natural, like they took it without her noticing. She has a very believable smile in this picture, like a kid who’s just enjoying life to the fullest.

I like looking at these pictures because it’s like traveling through time and seeing what people looked like back then.  In these pictures, everyone looks like porcelain dolls. They stand or sit straight and the women have a lot of makeup. Formal pictures require people to dress properly. My mom doesn’t look like this now, of course. But somehow she still has that same smile, like she hasn’t changed a bit.



  1. I guess old sepia photos really do make people look porcelain-like. It seems as if everyone back then had beautiful skin. Maybe they really did, they didn’t have fast food back then, maybe that is one of the reasons we have so many skin and health problems these days. Te pictures are really good, and I agree with you, your mom really seems genuinely happy in the last one.

  2. That’s so true haha. With one dollar you were able to do so many things back then. Now you can’t even buy a bottle of water. The second picture was beautiful. She reminds me of someone but I cannot remember who. I like to look at old pictures too but I go to google or watch movies about old times. I can’t even remember the last time that I saw an old picture of my mother, or grandmother. Actually, I think I will go to my grandmother’s house some day during the vacations to see the albums. I know she has many photos. The story and the photos were lovely.

  3. Like you, I like to look at pictures.. especially old as these ones. I can spend a whole day ate my grandparents house just looking at pictures from my dad, my aunts, and even my grandparents themselves in their young years. I also like taking pictures myself, but color pictures are nothing compared to the purity, the “vintage” look.. of what I consider to be real photos. I really like how you described your mother; it made me laugh the story about the wedding (I did the same thing when I was 6 years old). I also agree with you, your mom has a natural smile, it does not looks forced and fake. I get the sense that you admire your mom, and for me that is beautiful . very good job in describing her!

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