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“Get ready, Lydia, we are going to Las Fiestas!”

Las Fiestas Patronales!

Oh joy, I’ve been waiting for this.

Ya voy, mommy!

It’s that time of the year.

“Your dress is on the door,” I hear.

It’s a nice outfit, I guess,

I try to fit in my dress,

But my mother gave it a really good press.

It had so much starch,

Getting in was pretty hard.


I’m ready to leave,

But I can barely move.

I feel trapped,

I feel like a tin can,

But I don’t care much,

I just want to have fun.

I try to dash outside

And hop into the car.

We live in Paris

So the plaza’s not far.

Just a few blocks

And we’re already there.


The plaza looks stunning,

Shiny yellow drops frolic along

From tree to tree,

Cover every building

Like a lit up net.


The smell of bacalaitos

Coming from the kioskos,

The aroma of pinchos

It all drives me crazy,

Que clase’e hambre tengo.


White, yellow, red and orange lights

Adorn the whole place

As they dance in circles,

Like swirling rainbows,

Side to side,

Back and forth,

On the Carousels

And Ferris wheels.

As I hold my mother’s hand,

I cannot help but gaze.


A strange box stands tall

I wonder what it could be.

Métete pa’ tomarte una foto.”


My mother dragged me in,

I didn’t want any picture.

I didn’t want to get in that box,

With my tin dress.

I didn’t feel very pretty,

And I just wanted to have fun.


Now I step inside the box

With a red velvet curtain,

And I sit on a flower,

With my angry face.

And the guy outside

Doesn’t even say, “sonríe.

I don’t look good at all,

Not my best picture,

But to the album it goes.

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  1. While I was reading I was living the narration because it is very specific, it felt like I was there too. The part were you use spanglish it was really funny. Las Fiestas is a really puertorican experience, I think almost everyone have gone to at least one so it is a good theme to write about so others can now us. I do not know if times have changed but today everyone tries to make the kids smile when they are going to take a picture of them so it is really interesting the fact that they actually take the picture with you upset but it makes a real memory of that moment instead of something someone made up.

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