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ALtiery, Yeimi



This story takes place when I was around 6 years old and my mom took me to see 5 Díaz con Nuestra Tierra in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico! I went to the agriculture fair that UPRM does every year, which lasts 5 days. The same as every other kid I wanted a baby chick because they are so cute, small and I happen to love animals.  I asked my mom if she could buy me a chick and the answer was yes!  She bought the small and fragile chick for a 6 year old little girl.

Let’s think about the things that could happen. That’s next. So my mom and I took a walk and saw cows, horses, pigs, sheep and other animals. We even saw different kinds of plants and flowers.

We got tired of walking and since we had seen everything we left and went home. Once home my mom gave me a small, yellow shoebox but since I was little I made the holes too big.

That’s when I almost killed my little chick.

The technology that I used in the production of my video was: pictures taken and edited with my computer. I used Animoto and made a short film of my story.

This is an experience that I will always have in my memory and in my heart, since I had the chance to do something new. It was a very hard project since I made the scenery and I made a little stand for the Barbies so they could stand by themselves.

 Taking the pictures wasn’t that easy either. I asked my sister to help me so she took the pictures while I moved the Barbies. I had to be very organized and make the pictures roll while I was looking at them.

This experience made me realize that I have learned a lot from everything that has happened in my life. Also I have learned from my class by making a video.  I realized that I had the chance to create things that involve feelings, and creativity. I know that most of this creation is because I have a child now and she makes me see the world anew. I realized that since I have my 3 year-old girl I have the opportunity to imagine and go further and create new things.

Many people think they can’t do new things since they are “old for that stuff” and no one is too old for playtime.   I have done something that I love and hope that others will like it since I made it with my heart and with inspiration.

Yeimi Altiery is a University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, 4th year English major from Mayagüez studying to become a teacher.


  1. Yeimi your story was very cute. I like the way you create the video with Barbie and scenery, was very originality. I like the story because I am identify, when I was little something like that happen to me, but was with a gat. The only thing is that I don’t have a second change. Great story!!!

  2. It was a very good video clear and easy to understand. Also good message about the second chance most of the time we made errors but we dont have that second opportunity to do it right. A second chance is a great thing in some occasion has a miracle. Great work good story.

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