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Every time I go visit my grandparents from my mother’s side, my grandpa tells me stories about his young life.  When I was younger, would listen carefully to every detail, but after I grew up, I lost interest. The national day of listening made me realize how great are his stories and how they teach us lessons by just listening.  This exercise made my family, after a long time, listen what my grandfather had to say. It not only unwind us, but made us realize that time flies and that, since we have our grandfather alive, we should make the best of the time left for him. After I finished recording, he kept telling stories I’ve never heard before. My grandfather was recently diagnosed with premature Alzheimer. Which I still can’t believe because he still remembers every avenue from New York with the exact same address he walked trough while he was young. They inspired me to write more about him and how these experiences of life made him the man he is today.





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  1. This story was awesome. I truly loved it. It reminds me a lot of my grandfather and his struggles to find work and make a living while he was young. The fact that your grandfather snuck onto the boat made laugh a lot and for him to go somewhere where he didn’t know the language or the culture is incredible and brave.

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