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Just Another Puerto Rican Girl?

Some people may feel outside Puerto Rican culture, others may feel one hundred percent Puerto Rican. I would say I feel fifty-fifty. What I mean with this is that I feel fifty percent Puerto Rican and fifty percent, well not Puerto Rican. Why would someone who has lived all of her life in Puerto Rico with Puerto Rican people and in touch with the culture feel only fifty percent Puerto Rican? Well I don’t understand it either, but what can I say, I love my people, I love my island, I love everything about it, but there are some things nobody, or I may say only some people know.

This not so little girl loves music, but not every kind of music Puerto Ricans love. She likes reggaeton and likes to dance to it. But that’s not her favorite music. She loves American music, music in English, American artists. She likes MTV, Disney Channel even though it’s kind of childish and of course she doesn’t like local TV. She HATES novellas and she never gets tired of telling her mom, “Are you watching novelas again? COME ON! That’s losing your beautiful time! They are all the same!”

But that’s not all, when she feels really outside of being Puerto Rican is when she tells people she doesn’t like mofongo.  Oh my God, everyone looks at her like she was an alien, like something weird! She has tasted it a lot of times and no, nada, she hates it. She also hates pasteles, one of the typical foods at Christmas. She can’t stand it. It’s like tasting the most horrible thing you can ever imagine.

Now, what she does love about Puerto Rican culture? She loves Puerto Rican people. They are the loudest and friendliest people in the whole world. She loves hanging out on her island, just being in the car, feeling the wind in her face and just watching all of Puerto Rican beauty! She loves being Puerto Rican because everyone knows when there is a Puerto Rican in the room. They are unique; they are just themselves; and they have such grace that everyone loves having them as friends. Well maybe not everyone, but if you don’t have a Puerto Rican friend, you don’t know what you are missing.


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